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Robust and Durable:

The ornamental aluminum fence is a wise choice due to its strength and durability and in addition to being light, strong and safe, it withstands the harsh winters of Quebec.


It will add style, charm and unparalleled elegance to your property

Excellent value :

The prestigious aluminum prices and the quality of our ornamental aluminum fence offer you the best quality / price ratio on the market.

Many choices :

We have several models and colors that will meet your needs. The ornamental can be made to measure and in sections to suit your specific needs and respect your budget. We can also make you a non-standard production within very respectable deadlines and which will meet your expectations.

Easy to maintain :

Our fences require little maintenance to keep their shine.


Strong and Durable:

Glass fencing is known for its strength, durability and resistance to climatic changes including frost and corrosion.

Safe and compliant:
Safe and compliant with the Quebec residential swimming pool safety standard.

Sleek design :

Our glass fences have a clean design and are perfect to match your patio, deck, pool and more.

Easy to maintain:
As they are kept above the ground, they allow the evacuation of water and dirt and their cleaning is very easy.


Strong and Durable:

The fence with intimate panel offers exceptional strength and durability.

Complete privacy:

The privacy panel fence gives you complete privacy and looks great.



We have several models of fences with privacy panels and a large choice of colors that will meet your every need and coordinate with the exterior of your property.


Safe and compliant:
This Fence is very secure.

Easy to maintain :

The Privacy fence does not require any maintenance.

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